Summer PD Series: Collaborative Assessments and Better Rubric Making

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My second round of leading professional development this summer centered on improving career and technical education (CTE) teachers’ approach to rubric creation for various projects and assignments in their classrooms. Today’s post maps out the lesson I used and much like the last post on building relationships with students, explains some of the ‘why’ behind my pedagogical moves.

This post will be of particular interest to anyone interested in accessing a plug-and-play rubric tool and gaining insight into improve a rubrics relevance and specificity to their classroom.

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Actual photo of my class in action. This was during our Summer Summit back in July.

This is a very quick post about a great starting place for project-based learning tools. The Buck Institute is a wonderful organization that has been on the forefront of PBL for quite a long time. I’ve had the privledge of working with a few of their associates in the past, and the link I am sharing today is a just a place to find some great freebies to get started in PBL or to even tweak what you’re already doing.

I was inspired to post this because of a colleague, whom I coach football with, is trying to inject some PBL into his fourth grade classroom. I immediately sent him this link that I’m sharing with you.

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You’ll find rubrics, assessment guides, project calendars, task management forms, and plenty of advise!

On an unrelated note, has anyone seen the online tool Minecraft at work? I have a group of students using it currently for a project and I’m impressed with their use of it so far. I’ll be sharing soon what they’ve been up to and give you the skinny on this new, “simplistic” gaming tool in terms of project construction. Stay tuned!