A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Project


Happy accidents are the best you can have I always say. In my last post, I lamented a mistake I had made with my first period class, and I’m happy to report that I think I may have already learned from that mistake. As mentioned last time, my first period gives me trouble from time to time. It can be difficult to get full focus from them, but really worse is they can be very complacent to accomplish the bear minimum task. I’m at a point in my career that I’m simply not okay with that anymore. So you’re not labeled gifted–who cares? A label only defines you if you let it; unfortunately, I think many of my students in that first period are often times okay with the label of being ‘on-level,’ ‘college prep’ students. The point here is that I wanted to challenge them with a project I would usually reserve for my honors/gifted group. When I did earlier this week, they bucked against me hard! They wanted nothing to do with it; the requirements were confusing, would take times, and lacked a connection they could see. Now, I could have gotten frustrated again, and I did to a degree; this time, however, I turned their complaints around on them to help them help me revise the project to be something they had some actual ownership. Continue reading

Hanging Out in the Cloud (Not the Google Drive Kind)


I’ve spent the last few weeks in the cloud. The cloud is a term used by one of my doc professors to describe the arduous nature of figuring out your study’s place in theory and concept. She positioned us to understand the cloud is good place to be because, despite trying to go from point A to B, we often times come out the other end at point C or even D. C and D are results we usually simply can’t imagine or articulate, but they are also the points that are so important to research–discovering and revealing new questions. Continue reading