Studio Reunion 2: #PBL Chat w/ Former Students

Adobe Spark (13)

I’m excited to announce that early next week I’ll be posting another conversation with another group of former students who were part of my Studio program–a fully immersive project-based learning (PBL) classroom. You can see last year’s conversation with a few students here.

The students I’ll be meeting with are mostly students who entered the program after our inaugural year (and after we had learned a lot!). They are all in the midst of their college careers and will be able to speak to how a PBL environment in high school shaped (or didn’t shape) their post-secondary experiences. Look for the post to be up Monday afternoon.

Inner Voices #6: Change is Terrifying

microphone-and-red-curtainInner Voices is back! This week we have a young man–we’ll call him Pete–who is currently a junior who participated in my project-based learning classroom both his freshman and sophomore year. Due to a need to try and sure up the program, the junior level was not offered this year, which was a blow to both Pete and others. I’ll be the first to admit though, that it was the right decision at the time. Inside today’s post you’ll read a well articulated account of Pete’s experience and what his two years in the program meant for him, but maybe more importantly, he seems to be making a much larger statement here as well. Read on to find out for yourself: Continue reading

Inner Voices #5: Emergence

microphone-and-red-curtainAfter a bit of hiatus, I’m bringing back ‘Inner Voices’ to you. This is my chance to share with you what my current and former students reflect on when they think of their time in a project-based classroom where more ownership and authority is given to them. Many of my students are busy this time of year, so I’m just thankful I have one to share now. Today’s student, we’ll call her Tina, is senior this year and entered the Studio program as a sophomore rather than a freshman. Read on to see her story… Continue reading