Next Month: Teacher & Student Voice Series

I’m excited to announce (after a month long hiatus) two series that will be posted in tandem next month:


Student VoicesANDTeaching (2)

While I will write a post as part the the ‘Eye Heart Teaching‘ series, most of the posts will be completed by guest writers–both students and teachers.

The ‘Student Voices: Intern Edition‘ series will include entries from my current internship students who are wrapping up their year as industry interns. They’ll reflect on their experiences, the benefits of interning, and may even critique the methods of the internship course itself.

The ‘Eye Heart Teaching‘ series will include entries from colleagues who will share everything from their recent research to evolving teaching and professional philosophies to sharing narratives about their favorite moments in their classrooms in 2017-18.

The first posts will be up by the first week of May. Stay tuned and be sure to share using the hashtag #EyeHeartTeaching and #StudentVoices

Ankle-Deep: Three Weeks Into Teaching Grad Students



How is my ‘wading into the waters’ metaphor sounding at this point? I think sometimes it is nearly unhealthy how much I desire to write in metaphors. I certainly do not speak in them often (I, like many native English speakers, use idioms all the time though). Alright, opening, trailing thought closed.

I am writing this post at the opening of the fourth week of a six weeks master’s level course I have had the privilege of working with this semester. I started this conversation in a post about three weeks and you can find it here. Half-way through, I have a handful of epiphanies and revelations to reflect on, so if you will indulge me, here is where I feel I am in my conception of teaching at the collegiate level thus far: Continue reading

On Reading: Changes in Practice


If you haven’t picked up this so far by reading recent posts, I love me some Sheridan Blau. I didn’t know anything about him until I was told to read his book The Literature Workshop (2003) during my research in literature course this past fall. Reading about, discussing, and even practicing some of his workshops from that course has changed my teaching practice forever. Continue reading