Are You a Designer or a Reactor? The Final (Final) Student Reflection


Whether you’ve read any of the other posts related to my writing as design series, you should read this! My two students, S & J, really blew me away with their final response to the question you see in the title. Both bring some thought-provoking points to light for educators to take in as well as students (professionals in other fields as well!). Alright, that is enough from me; I’ll let S and J do all the talking… Continue reading

Writing as Design Part III: Student’s in Process


Part III focuses on the process actually experienced by my students. The students I introduced to you in the last post will have more to say in this post as they take you through their stages of design and revision as well as assessment. This is by far one of my favorite posts I’ve published if for no other reason than my students wrote along with me this time. Their comments are insightful and at times gut-level honest. Their candid portrayal of the process is worth the read alone! Continue reading

Writing as Design Part IV: ‘I’ Say/’They’ Say


Finally! Welcome to part iv of an on-going conversation I’ve been conducting with two students I had the honor of teaching this year–S and J. I’ve really enjoyed developing this series, and it has inspired in me a desire to write more often with students in the coming year. I’m not sure how valuable others have found the series to be, so I welcome feedback from teachers, professors, admins, and the like. If you’re interested or missed any of them, you can see Part I, Part II, and Part III by clicking the hyperlinked text.

Part IV concerns final reflections by both myself and my two students. This post (as far as I can tell today) will be the last in the series, and will provide unedited, unabashed reflections by my students on the totallity of the process, it’s outcomes, and what implications they believe the experience may have on their future writing as designers rather than reactors.

Continue reading